Administrative Services

The Administrative Services Department supports NOLHGA by providing services such as human resources, accounting, membership records, and general facilities management. The department also plans and coordinates the Annual Meeting and provides support services to other departments and to the NOLHGA Board of Directors.

In addition, the Systems Department provides technical support to members and maintains the NOLHGA website and related technologies.


The Communications Department develops the organization's outreach efforts to its members, state insurance departments, receivers, insurance companies, and the media. In addition, the department provides communications assistance to individual state guaranty associations, the NOLHGA Board of Directors, and MPC task forces. The communications staff also coordinates the activities of the Communications Committee and handles requests for information from the public and media.

Through the Communications Department, NOLHGA publishes the NOLHGA Wire, the only insurance industry newsletter that tracks life and health insurance company insolvencies and guaranty association issues. NOLHGA also publishes the NOLHGA Journal, a publication that provides in-depth analysis of the issues affecting guaranty associations and life insurance insolvencies; GA Update, a magazine exclusively for the guaranty system community; and a number of other publications.

Insurance Services

The Insurance Services Department coordinates all insolvency task force activities, including meetings and negotiations with receivers, assumption reinsurance companies or third party administrators concerning life and health insurers in rehabilitation or liquidation. This can include securing and managing legal, actuarial, and/or financial/accounting resources; seeking bids and evaluating the financial soundness of potential reinsurers; and determining the most cost-effective and efficient manner to continue policyholders’ coverage.

Insurance Services also provides staff support to the Members’ Participation Council (MPC), their subgroups and committees. The department also prepares insolvency financial cost information and guaranty assessment information for guaranty associations and member insurers.


The Legal Department provides legal counsel to insolvency task forces, committees, and the NOLHGA Board of Directors. The department collects and distributes legal information to member state guaranty associations and serves as an information resource for case laws. The department also coordinates the efforts of NOLHGA’s Legal Committee, which addresses issues pertaining to the insolvency process and develops strategies for related lawsuits, and plans the annual Legal Seminar.

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